Canning Stock Route (CSR) by Bicycle 2015

In September 2013 I travelled the Canning Stock Route (CSR) with my wife in a Suzuki Grand Vitara (white 2002 automatic model, 4-door). I took a conventional MTB bicycle (Cannondale Super V500) on the roof-rack, and cycled just 30km of the approx. 1,650 km we did in the 4x4. Despite finding it almost impossible to cycle such sandy terrain on that bike, I loved it - I was hooked! So I gave myself a Surly Moonlander for Christmas in 2013. And I planned to come back in June 2014 (I cycled just 160km out of Perth that year). Although I didn't cycle the CSR in 2014, in August 2015 I did come back, and cycled (on a Wheeler, Savana) a direct route of about 1,620 km from Billiluna to Wiluna in 26 days, fully supported by my daughter in a Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 (dark-blue 2003, 2.7L V6, manual model). I had a lot of fun, some pain, but never stopped smiling!

This website documents my love affair with the CSR in August/September 2015.

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I have some information on my 2015 CSR trip available from my Canning.Cyclist Facebook pages and also my personal Facebook pages.

Peter Gargano - brief cycling history

I've been cycling ever since my father bought me a bike when I was maybe 7 or 8. I didn't cycle much from after primary school, to until I had children and realised I needed to keep fitter than I had been. In the early 1990s I made up a bike from spare parts - I raced it with the ACT Vets (ACTVCC) until the mid 2000s when I found it difficult to find the time to keep as fit as I needed to be to win as a B-grader (and I found that younger cyclists didn't like my being able to keep up with them!). During that time I bought other (second hand MTB) bicycles and cycled a few long distance trips (Canberra - Melbourne via Mt. Hotham; Canberra - Mt. Kosciuszko return; and overnight trips to the coast via Deua National Park; and The Brindabellas west of Canberra). My 2015 approx. 1,620 km journey through three WA deserts over 26 days is certainly the longest journey I've undertaken on a bicycle and I hope it won't be the last.

I'd just turned 62 when I started out on my CSR journey in 2015 (image at left - leaving Billiluna 9:41AM 11 August 2015). I became the twelfth (*) cyclist (the sixth Australian cyclist), and certainly the oldest, to complete a traverse of the CSR by bicycle (up to 2016). This is a bicycling record I hope to maintain, possibly doing it unassisted, and in novels ways, in future traverses.

In 2015 I was aided by my 24 y/o daughter Dian (Dee) who carried all my support equipment and food, and drove a 2003 Suzuki XL-7 4x4, all but one of the 700-900 odd sand-ridges from start to finish. I drove that very first serious sand-ridge between Well 47 and Well 46, and made it on the third attempt, to demonstrate how badly I could drive the Suzuki, then went back to collect my bike. I should have made Dee do that first big sand ridge - but she did many larger sand-hills in the next 1,400 km. Image at right shows Dee and I at the last CSR sign a short way out of Wiluna in the early afternoon of 07 Sept 2015. Note that we had an enforced two day "rest" period, close to Kunawarritji, where I repaired the support vehicle - this is why it's an elapsed 28 days!

CSR 2015 - Day by Day

Coming soon - a photo + maps + text day-by-day account of my 2015 trip. Here's a link to the complete map to get you started - Don't be fooled by the menu in this image - clicking on the image takes you to the real map:

(*) - sas I write this there is some conjecture as to exactly how many people have completed 100% of the CSR by bicycle (or by foot).

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